Recently, my 9-year-old daughter stayed home from school after a third COVID-19 exposure in her school. She was, of course, thrilled to be home and quickly asked if she could be my sheltering-in-place colleague and help me with our Addressing Racism From the Inside Out program with the goal to support leaders to strengthen their intercultural competency. I, of course, said yes, and she quickly came up with 4 key images and messages for addressing racism.

Justine’s key messages for addressing racism:

#1: Intercultural strategies starts with you.

Intercultural strategies starts with you.

Justine's image of one puzzle piece with a heart.

#2: Every piece matters.

Every piece matters.

Justine's image of the whole puzzle.

#3: We are all the same and we are all different.

Justine drew an image of diverse people (apparently a top secret image as she does not want to share this image with others).

#4: Change the music.

Change the music.

Image of a girl listening to music... The deeper message: everything we think and do needs to change.

Your Thoughts: What are your key messages for addressing racism?

Addressing racism and building intercultural competence requires us to bring together our strengths and gifts. I invite you to consider:
  • How can you ensure your strategies to create change start with you?
  • Why do you matter?
  • And why does everyone else matter?
  • What needs to change in the way you think and/or act?
  • How can you influence systems in your sphere of influence?
  • What is your next step?

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Jessie Sutherland

An international speaker, trainer, and consultant, Jessie Sutherland works with organizations and communities to engage diversity, build belonging and ignite intercultural collaboration. Her approach creates sustainable community change that effectively addresses a wide range of complex social problems.

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