Do You Know Your Next Step for Creating Transformative Change in Your Organization and Community?

Now more than ever, we need to re-examine worldviews and learn new ways that engage both people and systems to live in a sustainable, connected and diverse world.

You may not know how best to support people and communities who feel fragmented, disconnected and disengaged.

Often, the conflict and exclusion we encounter, both individually and in communities, is due to a lack of understanding around worldviews and how to approach highly-charged, values-based conversations.
You may have...

  • Participated in (or led) community change projects that went sideways.
  • Struggled to get the right people and a diversity of worldviews engaged.
  • Been unprepared for the dynamics that unfolded when differences in worldviews occurred and divisions deepened.
  • Felt highly aware that polarization exists; however, you were not sure how to navigate issues of polarity effectively from the beginning.

Maybe it’s your first time leading change and, despite your passion, you are uncertain about what steps to take, the order to follow, or how to handle the complexity.

Worldviews transcend all sectors.

Whether we are looking at the need to create long-term change in our workplace, our community, our families or within ourselves, worldviews are key.

Now you can gain the essential building blocks of understanding worldviews and how to engage them to create change.

Don Antonio Chiapas Elder

There are many colours and ways of thinking in the world and how happy the world will be when all the colors and ways of thinking have a place.

Essential Worldview Skills for A Rapidly Changing World

3-Part Video Training

We are excited to share our proven worldview strategies to create quality relationships across difference and create sustainable change.  

Learn what a worldview is, why it matters, and how it will support long-term transformative change in individuals, organizations, and communities. Leave with practical next step skills and doable actions to facilitate change.

Access this online, content-rich three-part video series. Each video includes a guest speaker sharing relevant case studies and stories pertaining to worldviews, followed by practical and doable steps you can apply in your own context. 

Learn new ways that engage both people and systems to live in a sustainable, connected and diverse world.

When You Register for Essential Worldview Skills...

This three-part recorded series includes access to recordings (each approximately 60 minutes), a workbook, and bonus gifts. By the end of the series, you will feel more confident and capable to facilitate change in your own context.

After you sign up, you will receive an email on how to access all your program resources and how to work through the training.

Access a proven process

Developed over 30 years, the process you’ll learn will help you to become more confident, prepared and attuned to the often invisible driving force of the worldviews at play within change efforts.

Apply to diverse contexts

In our families, our workplaces, and our communities, worldviews are ever present. The skills and stories shared will help you embrace working effectively with diverse worldviews.

Hear real case studies

The personal stories you’ll hear about have created transformative and lasting impact. Learn from our expert guest speakers and strengthen your skills for creating transformative change.

Achieve collaborative change

Worldview skills are at the foundation of our proven Belonging Matters process to create lasting community change. These skills transform people, relationships and systems.

Here’s what people are saying about Jessie’s work and worldviews

Hieu Pham-Fraser
ELL Coordinator, Richmond School District

My worldview as an educator has shifted…

My worldview as an educator has shifted… I am eager to share what I have learned with other educators.

Together, with a sound, compassionate framework, the work of dismantling systemic racism and inequity is possible.

Lisa Emkovik

These discussions regarding worldviews, cultural diversity, understanding, and cooperation are very timely.

Attending Essential Worldview Skills For A Rapidly Changing World helped me realize the importance of understanding the history of how different cultures around the world arrived at their worldviews. These discussions regarding worldviews, cultural diversity, understanding, and cooperation are very timely.

I felt a shift and increase in my awareness of my own worldviews, especially the internal and external pathways taken to arrive at my views. I also learned to examine and try to understand the pathways of other cultures and individuals. I foresee that if I am involved in a conflict with an individual regarding worldviews, I’ll be better able to examine and assess the situation in the heat of the moment.

I appreciated the guest speakers’ personal stories of their journey and the feeling of hope they provided. In addition, Jessie brought her own passion and motivating thoughts to the topic. The workshop was very well organized and ran smoothly.

Chief Robert Joseph
Hereditary Chief, Gwa wa Enuk First Nations

...the greatest potential for bringing about the needed healing and reconciliation...

Jessie Sutherland’s worldview skills may well be the insight that provides the greatest potential for bringing about the needed healing and reconciliation that must take place. It has the potential to provide the spark required to bring real peace, balance, and harmony…

Your 3-Part Essential Worldview Skills Video Series Includes:

Chief Robert Joseph
Part 1: Skills for Engaging Worldviews Effectively

In the first video, you will learn about the essential skills for engaging worldviews effectively, including your own. My special guest, Chief Robert Joseph, shares a powerful story about how he re-connected to his worldview and the transformational impact it had on his life and work to foster genuine reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

You will gain practical skills to engage worldviews in your context.

Video Length: 1:01:27 (plus 15-minute Q&A video)

Brooke Tanner
Carol Sheridan
Part 2: Skills For When Worldviews Collide

In the second recording, you will learn about the essential skills for when worldviews collide. This video features my special guests, Brooke Tanner and Carol Sheridan.

Brooke Tanner shares a powerful story about her experience of worldviews colliding and a pathway for building respect and understanding.

Carol Sheridan discusses how this powerful story and how starting with a foundation of worldview awareness and recognition led to building a collaborative and lasting relationship with Osoyoos Indian Band. 

You will gain practical skills on how to engage effectively and respectfully across world differences. As a result, you will learn to facilitate improved relationships, strong collaboration and generate innovation to achieve your goals.

Video Length: 1:13:09 (plus 21-minute Q&A video)

Katsitsionni Fox
Part 3: Skills for Regenerating Worldviews

In the final video, you will learn about why worldviews matter, the impact of the erosion of Indigenous worldviews, and essential skills for regenerating worldviews for a sustainable, connected and diverse world. The feature guest is Katsitsionni Fox, an award-winning filmmaker, artist and educator. Katsitsionni shares her powerful insights and includes a practical application exercise. 

You will gain practical skills to regenerate worldviews in your context.

Video Length: 1:01:27 (plus 15-minute Q&A video)

Essential Worldview Skills - online training
Digital Workbook, Recordings & Membership Access

Receive a PDF workbook providing step-by-step guidance to integrate what you learn into your unique context.

Access video and audio recordings of all 3 sessions so you can listen as often as you like to deepen your learning at your own pace. Parts 1 - 3 recordings are available for unlimited streaming.

Receive ongoing access to your recordings and materials on our membership website.


Receive these gifts to help you understand differing views.

Bonus 1
Interview Recording with Dr. Michael Quinn Patton

Worldview Skills Reflective Learning Practices For A Sustainable World

Access a digital interview recording with International expert in transformative evaluation, Michael Quinn Patton on the importance of Reflective Learning Practices for internalizing worldview skills for a sustainable world. Our Essential Worldview Skills For A Rapidly Changing World workbook includes Worldview Reflective Learning Practices written by Jessie Sutherland with expert input from Michael Quinn Patton.  

Michael Quinn Patton, PhD, is an independent consultant who has been conducting program evaluations since the 1970s. A prolific writer with a profound influence on researchers and evaluators worldwide, his books Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods and Utilization-Focused Evaluation, are frequently required graduate-level texts.

Dr. Michael Quinn Patton
Bonus 2
3 PDF Chapters from Jessie Sutherland's Book

Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict From The Inside Out

Written by your host, Jessie Sutherland, these chapters contain cutting-edge research on the three worldview skills you will learn in this course. 

Each part of the program includes one chapter from Jessie’s book, providing a deep dive into additional case studies along with practical tips and strategies. 

  • Chapter 2: Engage worldviews effectively in any challenging situation
  • Chapter 3: Engage across worldview differences effectively to foster genuine collaboration and transformative change
  • Chapter 4: Regenerate worldviews that have been eroded to support the generation of lasting change
Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict from the Inside Out by Jessie Sutherland
Bonus 3
Interview Recording with Elder, Larry Grant

Worldview Skills For Building Quality Relationships With Indigenous People

Larry Grant, a Musqueam Elder, is presently assisting in revitalizing hun’q’umin’um’ in the Musqueam Language and Culture Department and co-teaching the introductory hun’q’umin’um’ course through UBC. 

Larry is the Elder-in-Residence at UBC’s First Nations House of Learning.

Elder Larry Grant
Bonus 4
Engaging Indigenous Communities

PDF Checklist

The Engaging Indigenous Communities Checklist grew out of an Indigenous elders and leaders’ focus group hosted at Musqueam First Nations with Elder Larry Grant, as well as through ongoing input and refinement from our collective experiences. The checklist is intended to be a working document to reflect upon prior to starting any project involving Indigenous peoples and communities.
Every Indigenous community is different, and the best use of the checklist may be as a tool to start the dialogue. In any new initiative with local Indigenous communities, it’s important to understand what is important to that community in working together.

Indigenous Worldviews
Bonus 5
Interview Recording with Elder, Tousilum

Why Worldviews Matter And The Importance Of Ceremony For Regenerating Ourselves And Our Worldviews

An introduction to Elder Tousilum (Ron George) in his own words:

My ancestral name is Tousilum. I have lived all of my life in the land of my Ancestors and Elders known as Quw’utsun’.
As a residential school survivor I have found strength in sharing my story of how I have created positive personal change and growth with the help of creator, the ancestors and my elders. Leading by listening and sharing with others has resulted in creating community change between settlers and First Peoples throughout the Cowichan valley, BC and Canada.
Currently I am an Elder adviser with School District #79 and #64, Social Planning Cowichan, Understanding the Village Workshops, the Xwaaqw'um Indigenous Use Project and Elder-in-Residence/Advisor Cedars Treatment Center.
I am looking forward to the tomorrows and meeting many more relations.
Huy ch q'u

Tousilum - Ron George
special Bonus 
Community of Practice Online Group Calls

(3 Months of Access)

In addition to the training program, you’ll be invited to three months of LIVE access to our monthly Community of Practice group calls to connect with others who have taken our courses to learn from and with each other. It’s a place you can ask questions, as well as share success stories and challenges.
On each 60-minute group call, you’ll gain:

  • Hive-mind insights that you can generate and share with other leaders and community developers on the call.
  • Jessie's expert input, inspired by 30 years of experience and drawing on her proven process and the award-winning Belonging Matters framework and model.
  • Deepening of your capacity to nurture community change so you can avoid the pitfalls that often come with facilitating change.
  • Opportunities to ask questions that can help you personalize your learning for your leadership and community context.
  • Sharing opportunities to discuss your successes and challenges.
  • Potential networking benefits of connecting with other leaders and community developers on the call.
  • Increased clarity on where to focus your efforts in facilitating change.

($117.00 Value)

Community of Practice: Group Calls

About Jessie Sutherland,

An international speaker, trainer, and consultant, Jessie Sutherland works with organizations and communities to engage diversity, build belonging and ignite intercultural collaboration.

Recipient of BC Community Achievement Award (2023), her approach creates sustainable community change that effectively addresses complex social problems.

Jessie Sutherland - TEDx Speaker
Jessie Sutherland - 2023 Community Award - BC Achievement Foundation - seal
Jessie Sutherland - Director of Intercultural Strategies

Jessie’s work has been delivered in over eight languages and has taken her across Canada and around the world to support communities in their efforts to address challenging issues including workplace inclusion, poverty, homelessness, the overdose crisis, elder abuse, reconciliation, youth engagement and more. Many of her clients go on to win awards for their work in engaging diversity and fostering collaboration for sustainable and lasting change.

As founder of the organization Intercultural Strategies, Jessie helps leaders and groups build cultures of belonging to create change in an inclusive and positive way. She is the innovator of the award-winning Belonging Matters framework and community change model designed to change mindsets, deepen interconnections, impart greater social capital and build stronger communities.

Jessie holds a M.A in Dispute Resolution, is a TEDx speaker and author of the book, Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict from the Inside Out.

Here’s what people are saying about Jessie Sutherland & her trainings...

Niketu Iralu
Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation, New Delhi

I was inspired…

I was inspired after taking Jessie Sutherland’s training. I highly recommend her courses for anyone serious about genuine dialogue, healing and reconciliation.

Bonnie Haugen
Women's Fall Gathering Organizer

...bolstering of the practices I work on.

I would recommend the Essential Worldview Skills For A Rapidly Changing World 3-part series to others. Through the series, Jessie introduced me to more good souls and showed her care in facilitating with respect. She also brought useful diagrams for demonstrating visible and non-visible values.

The guests shared valuable stories from their culture and experience. I liked hearing the First Nations creation story. It is always helpful to hear others’ stories as, sooner or later, they may help me in a future situation.

One of the concepts I stepped away with is that as humans, we are hardwired to desire connections with others. It was also good to hear that traditions can change and evolve. Overall, the training provided confirmation of my thoughts and a bolstering of the practices I work on.

Anne Nguyen

...she is able to present profound and transformative insights in a simple, digestible format.

Jessie Sutherland is a visionary. Her work draws upon decades of international work for peace and justice and compliments it with cutting-edge research. Like the great Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh, she is able to present profound and transformative insights in a simple, digestible format. As a result, those who attend her trainings leave feeling empowered and equipped with practical tools that they can use to become instruments of transformation in their own communities.

About Our Guest Speakers

Chief Robert Joseph

Chief Robert Joseph

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, O.B.C., O.C. is a true peace-builder whose life and work are examples of his personal commitment. A Hereditary Chief of the Gwa wa Enuk First Nation, Chief Joseph has dedicated his life to bridging the differences brought about by intolerance, lack of understanding and racism at home and abroad.
His insights into the destructive impacts these forces can have on peoples’ lives, families and cultures were shaped by his experience with the Canadian Indian Residential School system.
Chief Joseph is currently the Ambassador for Reconciliation Canada and a member of the National Assembly of First Nations Elders Council. He was formerly the Executive Director of the Indian Residential School Survivors Society and is an honourary witness to Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). As Chairman of the Native American Leadership Alliance for Peace and Reconciliation and Ambassador for Peace and Reconciliation with the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IFWP), Chief Joseph has sat with the leaders of South Africa, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia and Washington, DC to learn from and share his understanding of faith, hope, healing and reconciliation.

Brooke Tanner

Brooke Tanner

Brooke Tanner, Okanagan Osoyoos Indian Band member, participated in the Belonging Matters program and is currently completing her High School education and plans on pursuing a degree in psychology. 

She enjoys hiking, hobby farming and participating in all the amazing things going on in her community.

Carol Sheridan

Carol Sheridan

Carol Sheridan is the Manager of Oliver Parks and Recreation in Oliver, B.C. and the mother of two young daughters. Carol advocates that people are healthier when they regularly connect with nature, and she cherishes her own time spent outdoors on the land and water.

Carol also hosted Belonging Matters Conversations to build relationships with Okanagan Osoyoos Indian Band. She’ll be sharing her story of building a quality relationship.

Katsitsionni Fox

Katsitsionni Fox

Katsitsionni Fox is Bear Clan from the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation. Katsitsionni is a filmmaker, artist and educator. Her debut film was the award-winning, “Ohero:kon - Under the Husk” a 26-minute documentary following the journey of two Mohawk girls as they take part in their traditional passage rites to becoming Mohawk Women.
Katsitsionni received the Jane Glassco Award for Emerging Filmmaker at the imagineNATIVE Film Festival in 2016 as well as the Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking Award at LA Skins Fest in 2016. This film received funding from Vision Maker Media and has been broadcast on many PBS stations in 2017. She directed and co-produced a short-doc series for REMATRIATION, a Native American women's online, multi-media magazine. It is focused on healing and empowerment of Native women through the sharing of their stories and successes. Her most recent film is "Without a Whisper- Konnón:kwe" the untold story of how Indigenous women influenced the early suffragists in their fight for freedom and equality.

Skills Worth Cultivating

Fast Track Your Learning With Proven Methods, Processes and Tools

Benefit from 30 years of research and practice by getting the core nuggets in a series of 3 one-hour videos.

The self-paced training (with support from your LIVE Community of Practice bonus calls) will help you focus on the essential building blocks in your worldview learning curve. 

Avoid costly, irreversible mistakes and quickly build your competence and confidence with these skills. In just three learning sessions, you’ll gain the benefits of five years of dedicated research along with decades of practice and teaching university at the Masters’ degree level... all distilled for you in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Intercultural Strategies | Engage Diversity. Build Belonging. Ignite Collaboration.
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Jessie stands behind her work and programs. If you complete the Essential Worldview Skills training series and don’t see value within 30 days, we 100% guarantee your money back. If you watch all the videos, fill in the workbook, and engage with the reflective practices, we have no doubt this will change your efforts in a positive way.
If you have done all of this and you don’t feel that you received value, that you didn't discover the tools, process and resources to help you integrate worldview skills into your approach, then contact us within 30 days of purchase and you will receive a complete refund of your investment.

Jessie’s valuable trainings make a difference.

Nabila Alibhai

Jessie’s uncanny talent for teasing out self-realizations will undoubtedly transform your approach to resolving conflicts.

Engaging and energetic, Jessie Sutherland personalizes global challenges through enabling a true understanding of conflict transformation. I left her workshop with a greater understanding of how to bring about successful reconciliation at both the personal and political levels. Jessie’s uncanny talent for teasing out self-realizations will undoubtedly transform your approach to resolving conflicts.

Tom Dutta
Award winning CEO at KRE-AT®️, TEDx Speaker, Executive Coach, Best Selling Author, Film/Radio Producer, Host of The Quiet Warrior Show

Jessie has... turned both good and traumatic events into empowerment.

Jessie has taken a lifetime of experiences both locally and with a world view and turned both good and traumatic events into empowerment. Her body of work fascinates me and spans across the topics of Culture, Belonging, Anti-Bullying and much more. Her narrative and stories are well researched and most importantly, relatable to the world.

Harley Eagle
Indigenous Cultural Safety Consultant

Jessie Sutherland’s work in presenting worldview skillbuilding is essential...

In my experience in the realm of conflict resolution—whether it be interpersonal, community, organizational, institutional, or systemically based—I am often confronted with the lack of understanding that there are different ways of viewing the world and life.

Jessie Sutherland’s work in presenting worldview skillbuilding is essential for laying the foundation for transformation to relationships that are mutual and genuine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a worldview?

There are many definitions to describe worldviews. My favourite is by Thomas Berry: “Worldviews are how a given culture sees its relationship to the rest of the universe, its creation at the beginning of time, and its beliefs about how human affairs should best fit into the bigger picture."

What are worldview skills?

In a rapidly changing world that impacts people and communities everywhere, we are constantly in a process of worldview formation. With this new information and these experiences comes the process of worldview revision. When we learn worldview skills, we are better able to respond to challenging situations through learning how to engage worldviews effectively, build understanding across worldview divides, and strengthen worldviews that have been eroded over time.

Why do worldviews matter?

I believe that it is through harnessing all our strengths and talents (embedded in multiple worldviews that have been eroded over time), that we will generate the collaboration and innovation the world needs now more than ever.

How will I be able to use the information and skills I learn?

You will learn how to engage diversity within your workplace and community; build unity across divisions; and support the voice, dignity, and worldview of those who have been pushed to the margins.

Can I access the recordings offline?

You'll have access through the membership site to download Part 1-3 video files, audio files, and all PDF materials for permanent access on your own computer.

What if I have questions about the training content?

When you register, you’ll have access to a 3-month bonus of Community of Practice calls. Collect any questions you have from the trainings and bring them to the call for us to discuss and provide support.

I still have questions... Can I talk to someone?

Yes, we’d love to connect! Please reach out to us HERE or email us directly: [email protected]

Essential Worldview Skills For a Rapidly Changing World provides the foundational skills for building cultures of belonging. When we don't learn and practice worldview skills, we can inadvertently impose our worldviews on others, eroding trust and a sense of belonging from the get go. When we use and practice worldview skills, we immediately build trust and set the foundation for greater collaboration and innovation. 

By adopting and honing Essential Worldview Skills, we avoid the pitfall of replicating the systems and habits of the past and, instead, build a foundation for innovation with new pathways forward within ourselves, with each other and with our environment.

Intercultural Strategies | Engage Diversity. Build Belonging. Ignite Collaboration.
Social Change Mentoring with Jessie Sutherland

Let's be the change together.

Join me and a group of individuals who want to lead the change in creating a sustainable, connected and diverse world!