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Building a culture of belonging and facilitating social change is a journey.

Our trainings are designed to accompany you on your journey and meet you and your team where you are at.

We’ve created multiple entry points and customized options. We invite you to book a call with Jessie and, together, figure out the right entry point for you to engage diversity, build belonging, and ignite collaboration to support your social change efforts for greater impact.

Intercultural Strategies Training Opportunities

Intercultural Strategies Training Options:


Belonging Matters Foundations

Belonging Matters Conversations

Belonging Matters Conversations Facilitator Training

Belonging Matters Tools for System Change

Social Change Mentoring

3 Steps To Build a Culture of Belonging - Workbook

Facilitating social change requires building a culture of belonging and trust. Building such a culture involves both inner and outer work.

The most important instrument for social change is you. If you want to strengthen your skills and learn new approaches to inspire and facilitate sustainable social change, this is your chance to tap into your own wealth of experience as well as the guidance of Jessie Sutherland, creator of the award-winning Belonging Matters framework.

Belonging Matters Foundations

Belonging Matters Foundations - Workbooks - Collection

Many systems, policies, practices and even attitudes and behaviours are outdated and contribute to the social and environmental challenges facing our communities and our world. More and more leaders recognize what does not work and seek a fresh approach to build connected communities for meaningful action.

The Belonging Matters Foundations five-part training series provides practical tools and approaches to build cultures of belonging. Adopting these foundational steps is essential to engage diversity, unleash dormant talents, and ignite collaboration in order to address complex social problems.

Belonging Matters Conversations

Belonging Matters Conversations - Workbook

In this series of customized, facilitated conversations, participants come together in a collaborative, problem-solving approach to build belonging and, together, address their priority challenges.

Through guided dialogues that nurture their own meaning of belonging, participants share stories and apply reflective learning strategies. The co-creation of visual legacies amplify participants’ voices, internalize key insights, and become the catalyst for participant-led solutions for lasting community change.

Belonging Matters Conversations Facilitator Training

Belonging Matters Conversations Facilitator Training - Binder and Workbook Collection

Through this 3-part series, learn how to facilitate our proven community-building Belonging Matters Conversations dialogue process to support the voice, dignity and leadership of people with lived experience. Our dialogue process is based within the Belonging Matters framework and these conversation experiences and outcomes can be used as assessment, planning and action tools.

As a result of taking this training, facilitators within organizations are equipped with the in-house knowledge and tools to foster belonging, increase meaningful participation and engagement, and gain insight for service improvement for sustainable and lasting change.

Learn to work with members of the community in ways that empower participants. Facilitators get access to a strengths-focused, problem-solving approach that engages diversity, builds belonging, and ignites meaningful participant-led collaborative action.

Belonging Matters Toolkit for System Change

Belonging Matters Toolkit for System Change - Workbook

For changemakers who are ready to facilitate a long-term community transformation process that builds capacity and leads to both personal and system change with lasting results, this customized coaching package is for you.

We take leaders through our program to create long lasting social change within organizations and communities.

Connect with Jessie about any of our training options.