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ABOUT: Measure & Accelerate Belonging (2024-04)

LIVE Program Begins April 3rd, 2024

Learn how to measure the impact of your culture and community change initiatives so that you can know what’s working and what needs course correcting. Dr. Michael Quinn Patton, a world renowned organizational development and program evaluation expert in systems transformation, and Jessie Sutherland, the founding director of Intercultural Strategies and the award-winning Belonging Matters framework, are combining their expertise to offer this unique 6-week delivered on Zoom - as a one-time opportunity. 

Michael and Jessie will share their proven process and teach you to use effective evaluation tools to measure and accelerate your change effort’s impact. Each week’s module includes a presentation, evaluation tool samples, and time to customize particular tools for your unique content. In 6 weeks, you’ll have a new evaluation toolkit to measure the impact of your change effort.

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MAB - M1: Introduction to Measuring Belonging

MAB - M1-L1: Anchoring in Respect & Integrity

MAB - M1-L2: Welcome, Land Acknowledgement & Background

MAB - M1-L3: Welcome & Introduction to Session 1

MAB - M1-L4: Content & Application for Session 1

MAB - M1-L5: Debrief & Discussion for Session 1

MAB - M1-L6: Closing for Session 1

MAB - M2: Team Evaluation Instruments

MAB - M2-L1: Welcome & Introduction to Session 2

MAB - M2-L2: Content & Application for Session 2

MAB - M2-L3: Debrief & Discussion for Session 2

MAB - M2-L4: Closing for Session 2

About Your Trainer(s)

Jessie Sutherland

About Dr. Michael Quinn Patton:
An independent consultant who has been conducting program evaluations since the 1970s, former president of the American Evaluation Association and Founder and CEO of Utilization-Focused Evaluation, Dr. Michael Quinn Patton is known for his numerous books on evaluation and is recognized as an award-winning leader in evaluation theory and practice. 
About Jessie Sutherland:
An international speaker, trainer, and consultant, Jessie Sutherland works with organizations and communities to build their in-house capacity to build their culture and community change strategy, deliver her award-winning Belonging Matters Conversations series, and customize evaluation tools to deepen learning and measure their impact. Her approach creates sustainable community change that effectively addresses a wide range of complex social problems.

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