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Belonging Matters: Customizable, Online & Live Trainings

These programs are all based on our award-winning Belonging Matters framework. Online and in-person options are available (or in development).

Belonging Matters Foundations

The Belonging Matters Foundations five-part training series provides practical tools and approaches to engage diversity, build cultures of belonging and ignite collaboration in order to address complex social problems.

Belonging Matters Foundations - Workbooks - Collection

Belonging Matters Conversations

In this series of customized, facilitated conversations, participants come together in a collaborative, problem-solving approach to build belonging and, together, address their priority challenges.

Belonging Matters Conversations - Workbook

Books & eBooks

Jessie's books synthesize cutting-edge scholarly research on the most promising practices for transforming deep-rooted conflict into peaceful co-existence.

Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict from the Inside Out

Jessie Sutherland weaves community-based stories, scholarly research, and over 20 years experience of practice into this practical guide for leaders around the world.

Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict from the Inside Out by Jessie Sutherland


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