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Jessie Sutherland - Speaker - TEDx

An internationally respected speaker, Jessie Sutherland offers keynote addresses, seminars, panel discussions and presentations on the power of building a culture of belonging to foster high levels of engagement, collaboration and innovation. Jessie’s presentations can be offered virtually and in person.

If you are looking for a distinctive and energizing event with interactive learning and engagement to reach your customized outcomes, connect with us. 


Intercultural Strategies provides customized training solutions and services for workplaces and teams, communities, and organizations working in diverse communities. Our proven approach and model of training engages diversity, fosters intercultural collaboration and generates innovation. Customized training programs are supported by learning guides, step-by-step resources and educational tools.

Discover how our proven approach can create a culture of belonging and inclusion that mobilizes sustainable change at many levels within your unique context.

Jessie Sutherland - Training Options
Jessie Sutherland - Consulting Options

Access strategic consulting to create a customized roadmap that includes facilitation, training and mentoring. Organizations that use our Belonging Matters framework build a culture of belonging that catalyzes and mobilizes personal, organizational and community change.

Our services ensure your teams and organization continue to leverage and utilize the learning and skill development by embedding reflective learning practices to internalize the Belonging Matters values, principles and framework.


Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict From The Inside Out synthesizes cutting-edge scholarly research from around the world on the most promising practices for transforming deep-rooted conflict into peaceful co-existence.

Through community-based stories, scholarly research, and over 20 years experience of practice and practical guidance, discover the 4 guiding touchstones needed to create the conditions for genuine reconciliation.

Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict from the Inside Out by Jessie Sutherland

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We are grateful and honoured to work with countless clients over the years. We also extend our appreciation to the many funders and partners contributing their genius, collaboration and resources to support our clients with their change efforts.

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