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ABOUT: Social Change Mentoring: Power Hours

The most important instrument for social change is you.

If you want to strengthen your skills and learn new approaches to inspire and facilitate sustainable social change, this Social Change Mentoring (SCM) opportunity is your chance to tap into the unparalleled experience and guidance of Jessie Sutherland, creator of the award-winning Belonging Matters framework.

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SCM: Power Hour Preparation: 3 Steps to Build a Culture of Belonging

SCM: Anchoring in Respect & Integrity

SCM: Learning Guide & Videos

SCM: Retrospective Questionnaire

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Jessie Sutherland

An international speaker, trainer, and consultant, Jessie Sutherland works with organizations and communities to engage diversity, build belonging and ignite intercultural collaboration. Her approach creates sustainable community change that effectively addresses a wide range of complex social problems.

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